Edo na najalternativnijem radiju u Nizozemskoj !

Edo na najalternativnijem radiju u Nizozemskoj !

Jučer se u sklopu emisije Hip hop in your face, u terminu od 23 do 01.00 h na nizozemskom radiju emitirala Edina pjesma "Uši zatvori".

Pričali su o njemu gotovo cijelu minutu!

Evo prijevoda s nizozemskog:

‘Edo Maajka, so i was told by DNS (a dj) – he has the Cd already for a while on the DJ acadamy, I think he comes from Zagreb and what I understood from the managment he played ones in a footballstadium for around 40.000 people – or something like that, anyway this guy is pretty huge in his home country. You also told me that the managment has contact with Know-How, who knows it will happen.’

‘Yes, well what Know-how told me is that he was spinning on a festival and they are looking for people who can make beats and stuff like that. The approached him (Know-how) for that, so who knows what will happen. Yes, well Edo Maajka is the Hero in former Yugoslavia’.

‘He but (....), it can’t be any different then that this guy will also be on HIPHOP CAMP’

‘(laughter) I hope we will see him next year there’

MP3 iz emisije Blue/Kink radio

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