Technical Exchange and Communication Activity between Liaohe Oilfield and DDTOP


On August 27, 2021, the Northwest Region of DDTOP marketing center organized a sales team and technical engineers to Liaohe Oilfield for on-site gas storage project department technical exchange and communication activities.

Through this technical exchange and communication , various departments of Liaohe Oilfield Gas Storage and Liaohe Oilfield Design Institute fully understand our company’s product performance, advantages, and influence in the domestic instrument industry, especially for the commonly used magnetic level gauge and magnetostrictive level transmitter in gas storage projects , radar, rotameter, and multi-stage restriction orifice plate have been introduced in detail, answering the problems that may arise during the use of production units, and highlighting the products experience in handling various complex working conditions.

During this technical exchange and communication activity, the sales manager focused on promoting products as multi-stage orifice plates and high-pressure orifice plates. These two instrumentation products are commonly used products in the process of gas storage projects. There are high requirements for the qualification requirements and research and development capabilities of instrumentation manufacturers. At the exchange activity site, the technical personnel of Liaohe Oilfield and DDTOP technical personnel conducted in-depth exchanges and discussions on the use of related working conditions and technical issues.

The use of the instrumentation is inseparable from the preliminary design. This technical exchange event is also fortunate to invite the instrumentation professional person in charge of the Liaohe Oilfield Design Institute. For related issues such as characteristics and poor operating environment, the instrumentation professional person in charge of the design institute intends to further promote the wedge flow meter produced by our company, and at the same time leaves further related matters that need to be communicated on subsequent design matters.

This technical exchange activity was held successfully. Sales performance is inseparable from the hard work of the sales staff. The success of each order is the accumulation of countless days of cold and heat behind them, and the accumulation of various sales methods they think about day and night. It was their steadfast steps that made DDTOP become a domestic instrumentation brand in the industry.